Module 0 – Introduction

Module 0 - Introduction
Hi there and welcome! Thank you for taking the leap … out into the blue yonder and treating yourself to a journey of new experiences and a path to wellness.

You can view the module here, or you can download it for later viewing.

It lasts 34 minutes.

I look forward to supporting you on your journey to wellness and hearing about the changes you create.

Kind regards, Nici


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“There are few things you can do to impact your life more powerfully, profoundly and permanently than changing your diet. Every morsel of food that enters your mouth has a direct impact on your body, mind and spirit.”
Rory Freedman – Intro to Crazy Sexy Diet


“The greatest form of preventative medicine is to engage in an eating style that avoids typical processed foods – to follow a dietary protocol that honours real food, the way our bodies are evolved to expect it to look, taste and feel.  Such a diet naturally limits inflammatory foods, promotes nutrient density and controls blood sugar balance.”
Dr Kelly Brogan MD – A mind of your own


“We have been convinced that it is time-consuming, expensive and difficult to eat well.  But I’m here to tell you that enjoying real, fresh, wholefood is easy, inexpensive and delicious and will put you on the path to health and happiness.

Cooking is fun, freeing and the most real activity we can do every day.  It is a revolutionary act – one that each one of us has the ability to be part of.”
Dr Mark Hyman MD – Eat fat get thin