Nixon was a very healthy baby. He had no health concerns and was very well, happy and a good sleeper.

At the age of 2 Nixon’s development slowed and regressed, coinciding with him having his MMR vaccine. We felt his speech stopped about two weeks after his MMR vaccine.

When Nixon was 3 years old, he was very aggressive, not sleeping well, had little social skills and was very repetitive in his behaviour. He had very regular huge meltdowns when he didn’t get his own way and very little attention span.

We had been seeing a Regular Occupational Therapist, Speech Therapist and Paediatrician and they had all been leaning towards a Autism Diagnosis for Nixon.

I had started following a very strict diet plan with him, and was recommended to Nici from a friend to see if she could help.

From Nixon’s very first appointment at Natural Energy Balancing we saw improvement.

It was completely non invasive and I was actually surprised Nixon mostly cooperated. The treatments were all done via me through to Nixon.

We removed dairy from Nixon’s diet after Nici’s  advice, and we felt there was a big improvement.

Nixon was a terrible sleeper, often waking up crying in the night, and taking a very long time to wake in the mornings & very cranky. This was something that improved instantly & 12 months on he still sleeps all night and wakes up very happy every morning.

His speech and motor skills improved dramatically with him returning to ride a bike after he had completed his course of treatments and riding his bike every day now and loving it.

His speech became so clear and is improving every day. He recently had a language test from his speech therapist who reported his language understanding is age appropriate, yet before we weren’t sure if he understood anything we were saying.

We had attempted to toilet train Nixon a few times but to no avail, he would often sit in wet pants and not tell me. After Nici did a treatment specifically for toileting he suddenly had awareness of it, and is now completely toilet trained day and night with hardly any accidents. He is very independent now and likes to dress himself and put on his own shoes. These are things he never attempted or seemed to even think about before, it’s like a huge fog has been lifted and we are seeing the happy, energetic and funny boy underneath.

We have just had a check up with Nixon’s paediatrician and psychologist and they have both decided he no longer could be diagnosed with ASD as his sensory problems are no longer relevant and his social skills have improved dramatically.  His eye contact is much better and his speech Echolalia is almost nonexistent. We feel his language disorder is improving every day.

Nixon is still improving daily and I find I am constantly surprised at the amazing things he is now doing and saying. It is his 4th birthday today, and I said to him “Happy Birthday my baby”.  He turned and said to me, “I’m a big boy mum .. not a baby.” (tears)

I would have to say that nearly on a daily basis, someone will say to me, “Wow Nixon is doing really well now!”

He is happy and learning to use his social skills. I highly recommend Nici to many people and am so glad we found her.

Nici adds:
I saw Nixon for the first time shortly after his 3rd birthday.  At that time his behaviour was very erratic, with no verbal communication at all, only high pitched squeals.  He was quiet while being soothed by his mother’s loving embrace, but became agitated if she had to move away. He appeared to understand his mum, but could not reply. There was very little eye contact and he appeared agitated.

 He attended my practice weekly for a total of 20 visits between 15 March 2014 and 8 October 2014. I recently saw him for a tooth infection which he recovered from very quickly.

Nixon's mother