My daughter (aged 6) has always been a “sensitive child” and suffered with anxiety, tummy pains, skin rashes and intense temper tantrums as a toddler. I thought that these behaviours were just a reflection of her temperament. However, since experiencing NEB, it became obvious that she was intolerant to a number of foods and environmental substances which affected her nervous system and overall demeanour. After a number of successful treatments, I am amazed to experience her as a gentle, loving and confident child who now enjoys life to the full.

My 22 month old daughter suffered from chronic eczema and had a compromised immune system. She seemed to be constantly sick during the 1st year of her life. Not only has NEB helped her eczema clear up, but she is now extremely healthy and resilient. Her language and cognitive abilities have dramatically increased and she is now more calm and centered than ever before.

I would recommend Natural Energy Balancing to anyone who will listen. It has changed the dynamics within our family. It really has changed our life.

Paula Hannagan Bounce Foods Pty Ltd