Dear Nici,

It’s been over 2 years now since we brought our son to you for help, after giving up on Western Medicine Doctors that just appeared to want to blame his issues on anxiety or other mental conditions, whilst subscribing chemical solutions.

At the age of 4 and ½ our son began to dirty his pants, both uncontrollably and unpredictably. This was a child that told me unequivocally one evening at 18 months, that he no longer needed to wear nappies, and from that day forward, he did not, and never had any accidents.

We fell victim to believing the GPs, that it was anxiety over going to “big” school and facing change, after considering many foods that may be upsetting him too. We monitored his food for two weeks, and GP1 found nothing of substance.

As we tried and tested a few different meals we found no regularity to the problem and it gradually became a bigger and bigger issue taking over the family and adding stress to all of our outings.

At the age of 8 we were going out of our minds and mentally punishing our son, and ourselves, with the vague diagnosis of the GPs. We saw 2 different doctors on various occasions, only to be told “He’ll grow out of it, he has a psychological dislike to the toilets at school, he is lazy, or being distracted from play”. This, I knew, was not my son.

We were recommended Nici through a friend. We were beside ourselves and willing to try anything that did not involve intrusive western solutions. It was within a matter of months, Nici, that you were able to heal our son and give him back the confidence of being a normal child, and us back the calmer, caring family environment, without the stress of the unknown and fear of the medical future of our son. He has been issue free now for two years after being healed of his severe gluten sensitivity and other nutritional deficiencies and is a more confident and happy child. That alone is worth everything.

After undergoing treatments with you Nici, we each individually have been consistently well, my husband less allergic, and the kids more successful in sport than ever. We have gone through the past two winters without any illnesses where others seem to be stricken for weeks. My children are more nutritionally aware of their food intake, succeeding in more areas of their lives,  and we are all incredibly grateful for the balance you have brought to all of us.

For me personally, I feel less anxiety from cravings, that has brought me an overall calm on a day to day basis, I didn’t really acknowledge that I had them until they were gone…’s amazing.

We cannot thank you enough for the love, care, patience and balance you have brought to our family Nici.

I would recommend your services to everyone, but especially those that been frustrated and exhausted by the hands-off, just apply medicine, approach of GPs. Open your mind to the alternative…’ll be amazed and most of all grateful again for your health.

With love and best regards, thank you Nici.

Renee and family