I came to see Nici for my two daughters who both had separate issues. My 7 year old was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease when she was 2 years old and we have been on an additive free diet for 5 years after Westmead Children’s Hospital suggested trying it before we try steroids. Luckily it worked well but she still had flare ups. I was so sick of depriving her of a lot of foods including lots of fruits and vegetables (as they made her very sick) and still having flare ups. I was recommended to see Nici by my friend around that time but didn’t really look much into it. I wish I had acted sooner because her Crohn’s symptoms are completely gone! Her behaviour has also improved a great deal and she is sleeping much better too. She no longer gets ulcers inside her mouth as well as at the corners of her mouth which were very painful for her.

My 9 year old daughter went through a very bad period a few months before we saw Nici where she was extremely anxious and we were both up all night, most nights, trying to relieve her anxiousness. She would sometimes be up until 4am crying. She would follow me around all day and just was not her normal bubbly self. She would cry all of the time. It was very distressing for the whole family. I tried eliminating more food from her diet and also tried a Psychologist but these didn’t work. Once we saw Nici, her symptoms changed within 2-3 days! It was unbelievable! I kept waiting for her old behaviour to kick in but it never has (6 months later).

Each time we went to see Nici she was so welcoming and made everyone feel at ease. The girls couldn’t wait to see her again! She was very helpful with answering any questions we had, which was a lot! When we first experienced NAET therapy with Nici it was a bit strange as we had no idea how it worked but each session just became normal practice and the girls just took it in their stride. There is nothing painful or uncomfortable about the sessions and they are actually quite relaxing. If you follow everything Nici says you will have great results!

I have now booked myself in to see Nici as I also have some of the same intolerances. I’m looking forward to being able to eat a lot of fruits and vegetables like the rest of the family. We will be forever grateful to Nici for giving freedom back to my family.