I’ve been healed from my electrosensitivity through NAET when I was living in Australia and I am now practicing NAET in Oslo, Norway.  It is amazing to see how NAET works – not only treating the symptoms like electrosensitivity but also the underlying causes like emotional links, traumas, heavy metals, vaccines, chemicals, dental materials etc.


When treating environmental allergies/intolerances it is very important to do all the 15 basics very well before starting on the environmental allergies. I have at least three patients with electrosensitivity that are seeing good results. But we’ve been treating many issues, in particular those with a long history of sensitivity. Be patient and follow the protocol faithfully and you will see results, eventually. I wish you the best of luck!


Nici, I will never forget how you really saved my life when I was so deep down, depressed by having electrosensitivity. I am so deeply grateful 🙂