I was recommended to Nici as my son (MG) was showing behaviours which could be compared to a child with “ADHD” such as aggression towards peers, teachers and family members, lack of concentration, defiance and tantrums were all displayed on a day to day basis. I was not interested in following conventional methods with medication as I knew there were better natural alternatives available.

Nici quickly identified that MG was intolerant to various foods such as gluten, wheat, diary, natural food chemicals (salicylate), as well as additives found in processed foods. We embarked on a journey that has turned not only my son’s life around but mine too.  When MG nurtured his body through eliminating certain foods and combined with Nici’s treatment his behaviour & well being flourished.

MG has returned to a non restrictive diet and I’ve witnessed such a huge transition and a beautiful boy evolve which could not have happened had we not met Nici.

With all my heart l’ll be forever grateful.