Crazy Sexy Diet

Crazy-Sexy-DietThis is one of the most remarkable books I have ever come across. I call it my Wellness Companion.  Kris Carr shares her amazing experience of living with cancer for the past 12 years after being given 3 months to live. She tells her story with such humour, intelligence and grace that she has inspired thousands (perhaps millions) to change their lifestyle and become Wellness Warriors with her.

By refining her diet, leaving out the junk and including a variety of plant based foods, juices and natural products, she has become living proof of the power of alkalinity.

If you know someone who has been given a diagnosis of any sort from the medical establishment, give them the gift of hope by placing this book in their hands and encouraging them to create a new way of being.  Sometimes illness can be our teacher .. what lessons can we learn along the way?