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  • Module 1

A Beginner’s Guide to Detox – modules 1-5


Are you looking for better health, maybe weight loss or relief from painful joints?  Perhaps changing your diet can give you all of them.

I will give you the information and the inspiration to create lasting change.

Come on a journey back to health and wellness … it’s easier than you think.


The modules are in a movie format, which you can view online or download to view later. There is also an audio version, which is handy for listening to on your smartphone.


A beginner’s guide to detox, comprises 6 modules in total:
Module 0 – Introduction – free!
Module 1 – Keeping it simple
Module 2 – Clean living
Module 3 – Healing the gut
Module 4 – The invaders
Module 5 – Balancing deficiencies, intolerances and toxicity

The module on average last over 30 minutes each.

It is compatible for use on all major browsers and computers.