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A beginner’s guide to detox

Over the years of running my Natural Energy Balancing practice, I have seen so many clients with remarkable healing outcomes that I felt prompted to share some of the information and inspiration with you .. the online learner.
Diet and lifestyle have the power to influence our health far more dramatically that any health professional, medication, supplement or diagnostic intervention. Yes, your food CAN be your medicine …  but it can also be your poison.  How can you make a difference to your health by choosing different foods?

For A$79 you get 5 modules of video and audio content to walk you through a combination of dietary and lifestyle changes, some basic and some specific.

Introductory module

In this free module, I explain about my own journey with sensitivities and my son’s illness as a result of his allergies and how we found a way to completely eliminate them that was natural and non-invasive.  I have shared some of my views about health, and hope they inspire you to take more care of your own body, mind and soul. I have also given you many links to the people who have inspired me along the way .. check out the Explore more tab on my website.

Module 1

Focused on the basics of healthy eating, module 2 is about giving your home environment a detox, to breathe in fresh air and feel relaxed and energised, declutter and create space. If we are the product of our environment, what does your home (and bedroom) create for you?

Modules 3 and 4

are focused on gut healing, specifically around gut inflammation, candida or yeast infection, dysbiosis or bacterial overgrowth and parasites. I give you specific guidelines to allow your gut to heal … and you will be surprised how everything else heals as well.

Module 5

is about the work I do in my practice, balancing sensitivities, toxins and hormones and some of the amazing results I have seen. I will share some tips and tools you can use to create lasting wellness.

The aim of a detox is to help you change your mind … to re-mind you WHY it is that you need to take care of your body … and in so doing, rebuild your self-esteem, send healing nutrients to your liver and boost your immune system.  A detox is as much about what you put in .. as what you take out.  Hopefully, some of the practices you learn can create lasting wellness for you and your family … and perhaps even your friends as well.  This is about creating permanent change, not just a weekend away to a health spa!
I encourage you to take the time to listen to the introduction .. it’s free!  Nothing to lose.  See if this is something that resonates with your desire for health and wellness .. I assume that is what you are looking for, or you would not be reading this right now. Be a catalyst for change in your family, perhaps even in your community.  We can turn things around quite quickly with the right motivation and information … if we put it into action.  The body knows how to heal … we just need to give it the chance.

Join me and start your detox journey now!


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  • Module 0 - Introduction

    A Beginner’s Guide to Detox – Introduction

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  • Module 1

    A Beginner’s Guide to Detox – modules 1-5

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