My Energy Healing Practice

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Nici Verriest

I am passionate about supporting clients find balance in their lives using natural energy balancing techniques, nutrition and stress management. I believe the best way to bring about a state of health is to remove all imbalances caused by stress, toxicity or emotional trauma and allow the body to return to it’s default state of wellness where the immune system functions as intended to prevent disease. As a fellow healer once described to me, ‘it’s like removing the wasp which has flown into the spider’s web thus allowing the web to spring back to its former perfection.’

It is my privilege to share this amazing technique with those who find their way to my practice.


My background

I trained as a nurse and midwife in Johannesburg in the early 1980’s, and have worked in many different capacities over the years: a few months as a medical rep in Namibia flying into remote areas, supporting  doctors in the delivery suite of a small maternity hospital, running a clinic in a pharmacy, working the busy reception desk  for a large GP practice  for 4 years and in between stayed home raising my 3 beautiful children.

After moving to Australia in 1999, I spent 3 years working with youth in my local community. After this break from the medical world, I returned to train as part of a team to support a patient live in his own home after he had been in hospital for 2 years after a spinal cord injury.  I spent the next 3 years as team leader caring for him and training a team of home care supporters to ensure a high standard of care.

In August 2007,  I continued my journey with energy healing, doing Reiki I & II. I then trained with Kate Willesee DC, doing the Basic and Advanced I and Advanced II when Dr Devi came to Australia in February 2008.  This enabled me to practice the same technique which had healed my son of his many allergies and intolerances a few years before. (click the link below to read more about that journey)

I have since done further Advanced II courses with Dr Devi Nambudripad in Los Angeles, USA  in June 2010 and July 2012 when I attended the 18th Annual NAET Symposium in LA, to expand my knowledge and remain accredited.


My practice

I have run my healing practice since 2008 and during this time I have had the privilege of supporting over 500 clients, allowing them to find balance and amazing health.  I am continually amazed by the ability of the human body to recover to full health when the energy blockages causing the dis-ease are corrected and optimum cellular nutrition is possible.  I do not claim to cure anything, but this simple technique is incredibly powerful. I simply find the source of the imbalance and apply the technique and the individual’s energy responds accordingly.  Balance brings healing.

As more people look for alternatives to the continual reliance on prescription drugs to alleviate their allergies, digestive complaints, skin irritations, eczema, asthma and chronic infections, energy balancing techniques are a powerful tool for supporting the immune system and correcting  sensitivities to foods, grasses, pollens, dust and molds.  The technique is also useful for balancing hormones, clearing heavy metals, enhancing absorption of nutrients and minerals and healing the gut in a natural and non-invasive way. It is possible to live drug free and symptom free and still eat a variety of foods and feel great.

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